Sami Wolf

Sami Wolf


With the release of See You on the Moon album, Sami Wolf brings a new feel to a clashing of genres. Lush with addicting vocal hooks, a straight forward lyrical scheme, and a style that crosses hip hop with folk, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie alt folk anthems.

Although the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds it all together much like a concept album would. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single, “You Make Me Smile”, is an instant indie pop classic. Complete with swelling string sections, a very personal approach, and soulful but edgy feel, the song seems to build and breathe as it plays on.

“I was going through a really hard time in my life and I met a girl who made that time a little easier. Going to New York City for New Year’s Eve is a very popular, albeit kind of cheesy, thing to do. I wanted to use the theme of that and all the places people visit in New York but make them specific to me and my girl. Use something everyone knows to tell a personal story” explains the songwriter of her single.

Although the single does speak volumes for the record, to get a real understanding of where Wolf is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.

“This album has done for my music what I could not do for it. It has allowed me to provide it with the full sound it deserves. I can only take it so far when it’s just me and my guitar or keyboard. Arranging and composing with my producer taught me a lot about that side music and allowed me to explore and discover sounds that complimented my songs” says Wolf of the album and songwriting approach.

Starting off at a very young age, Sami Wolf used writing as a way to release and express the things that were hurting her. Instead of punching holes in walls, the songwriter blasted music to drowned out the sounds of slamming doors and screaming matches. She’d sing always but later in life she decided to pick up a guitar and later on piano, she taught herself to sing and play and soon became engulfed in the art. She soon shared her songs with friends, started playing shows, and hasn’t stopped since. Giving herself the gift of music was the best thing she’s done for herself. The See You on the Moon release is the epitome of where she is at now with her sound and expression.

Having won a contest with Working Brilliantly for her single “You Make Me Smile”, and playing numerous gigs to spread the music through live performance, the songwriter is certainly not new to the scene and getting her songs to the masses.

The See You on the Moon album is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and Wolf is working on a small tour for later this year in support of her release.  No matter where you hear her songs, Sami Wolf is a songwriter with a message behind the music.

As Wolf herself puts it, “If my music helps anyone even a fraction of what it has done for me, I’d consider that the highest acclaim. Writing music saved my life. It doesn’t have to save yours, but I hope it makes you smile if you haven’t for a while.”